Shooter Detection

Schools, theatres, malls, airports, government and private buildings have all experienced increased shooting incidents over the last several years. In many of these cases, the delay in the time it took to accurately report and locate the shooter has lead to unfortunate consequences.

The SDS Guardian Indoor Gunshot Detection System constantly monitors for gunshot fire and instantly sends confirmation.With SDS sensors installed in your school, mall, government or private building, this critical, time sensitive information can be immediately relayed to the building’s occupants—as well as emergency personnel outside—so that the proper steps can be taken to mitigate the immediate threat.

By removing the “human factor”, nothing is left to interpretation and critical delays can be avoided. The fully-automated, cost effective indoor gunshot detection system is easily installed into your existing building infrastructure and was designed for compatibility with current security systems, auto-lockdown technologies, closed circuit surveillance cameras and automated alert systems.


  • Sends an alert within a second of a gunshot detection
  • Near zero false alerts
  • Immediately alerts building and emergency personnel
  • Easily integrated into any camera/security network
  • 25M coverage area per sensor
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Built-in test provides continuous feedback loop
  • Simulation and training modes
  • Anti-tamper features